Broxus ecosystem

Broxus is Everscale’s premier infrastructure developer. We have developed a range of DeFi solutions for the Everscale ecosystem, including FlatQubeOctus BridgeEVER Wallet and more.

DeFi products on the most technologically advanced blockchain

Octus Bridge 

The Everscale Bridge is a multi-network, second-layer solution that links the Everscale blockchain with that of Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain and more.
The Bridge fulfills a key function by giving users the opportunity to transfer their assets from a first-layer chain, where transactions are slow and costly, to a newer chain with better scaling capabilities and close to zero fees on transactions.

EVER Wallet

Ever Wallet is a Google Chrome extension that lets you manage your seed phrases, private and public keys, and wallets in a secure fashion without leaving your favorite browser. Import existing keys or create new ones; choose popular wallet contracts to use; manage the permissions you provide to dApps (DEXes, bridges, multisig wallets, etc.); protect your data with encrypted local key storage…


A decentralized AMM-exchange that takes the best of popular applications, such as Uniswap, and implements them in the Everscale blockchain.

With DEX, you can enjoy the following:

  • Easy and fast exchange of your tokens from one asset to another
  • Participation in liquidity pools to generate income from trading operations
  • Participation in our farming programs – bet your LP tokens to earn WEVER as a reward!

Liquid Staking

stEVER is a token that you can get by staking your EVER coins as part of the Liquid Staking program. With liquid staking, users can simultaneously stake EVER and participate in various DeFi activities, among them voting on EVER DAO. Moreover, you can expect stable returns from the program with its balancer mechanism that manages all the stake distributions between depools.


Our explorer allows you to check the on-chain data and see the status of your transactions and your wallets. This is the place to find out about anything and everything happening on the the Everscale blockchain!


The Ever Wallet API facilitates automatic interaction with the Everscale Blockchain and simplifies the management and transaction processes for Everscale assets. The API includes a built-in lite Everscale node, support for Ever and TIP-3.1 tokens, a variety of different wallet contracts and REST API to make usage as convenient as possible. On the security front, the wallet API also has formidable features, most notably in its support for multi-sig operations.


EVER DAO is Everscale’s decentralized governance mechanism in which all EVER holders have a say on network decisions. Participants are able to create, discuss and vote on Everscale-related proposals, with all decisions made in a transparent and secure manner.

Core Team

Broxus is a blockchain developer and integrator, operating in Europe, MENA and South-East Asia

Areas of Expertise

  • Blockchain development
  • Cutting-edge DeFi products
  • Stablecoins and CBDC


  • 215 people (94 developers)

Team experience

  • Blockchain development and integration
  • Financial systems
  • Big data


Broxus is a highly capable and professional development company. Proficient in blockchain technology as well as other areas of IT, Broxus has consitently delivered products with the highest level of complexity. A strong and reliable partner.

Nikita Inshakov
Original member of the Everscale DeFi Alliance

Over the course of the past few years, we have grown to know the team at Broxus as innovative leaders and builders in the blockchain space.

The Broxus team has shown the ability to deliver cutting-edge and essential blockchain services to institutions and retail clients.

We are proud to call the team at Broxus partners and are excited to see what great things they do next!

Eugene Sandmann
Managing Partner, Head of Trading bei BR Capital

Broxus has proven to be one of the very core contributors to the Everscale ecosystem. The pace and scope of their innovations are truly impressive. They have developed an essential bridge to Ethereum and a powerful DEX, co-led the creation of the DeFi alliance and all their programs, and championed seed financing activities in Everscale to name just a few of their contributions. It’s a privilege to have Broxus in Everscale.

Alexander Filatov
co-founder and CEO

In the past two years, we have seen a growing interest among Koreans in the decentralized solutions that Broxus is developing, with a particular focus on Octus Bridge, which connects with the most popular networks like Ethereum, BNB, Polygon, Solana, Cardano and Fantom, as well as Broxus’hidden bridge technology and EVER Wallet.

What impresses us most is Broxus’s dedication to improving and enhancing these products and their commitment to addressing the needs and feedback of the Everscale community. This has made Broxus a highly trusted partner in the Korean market, and we are proud to work alongside them to bring their innovative solutions to our users.

Moon Young Lee
Everscale Foundation Board Member

Broxus is a team of experienced and qualified specialists that designs products of the highest quality. Broxus has created complex infrastructure projects like Octus Bridge, a shared bridge for asset transfer between networks, and FlatQube – the largest AMM on Everscale.

Sergey D.
Managing Partner