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Сreate your own exchanger!

Top-notch exchange right out of the box

You're one step away from exchanging any digital asset with Broxus Nova. All of the crucial services are bundled in one product. Deposits, free transfers within Broxus ecosystem, withdrawals, exchange operations, robust system of virtual balances, custody, integrated KYC system are just a few things to name. Integrate with Broxus Nova within one day to empower your project with a multi-coin instant exchange solution.

Best deals. Best market rates. Any volume

This interface is using our exchange API.

Liquidity supply

No start capital needed - trade on our behalf Instead of freezing your assets. The platform gives you the power to quickly swap assets in a seamless, safe, and secure environment.

Grow your audience - grow your profit

Don't waste resources on operational management and backend development - focus on engaging the audience. We hedge our orders with our own liquidity providers, and we're ready to accept any volume. Customize the fees as you like to maximize the profits.

Discover Nova features in Broxus Telegram Bot

Broxus Telegram Bot demonstrates the power of Broxus Nova platform. Security meets convenience - perform all operations in Telegram at your fingertips.

  • • Keep your assets in a secure custody
  • • Buy and sell crypto
  • • Exchange coins at the best rates in the market
  • • Send crypto to other Telegram users for free
  • • Get money for non-liquid coins
  • • Generate crypto invoices and get paid to your account
  • • Run airdrops and bounty campaigns in few taps

Best Available Price

Integration with the top 12 exchanges and smart routing system allows Broxus Nova to process each transaction at the best price. At the moment of price announcement to the Customer, Broxus Nova offers the Best Available Price for coming 60 seconds that will not increase, with 99% confidence.

Broxus Nova is offered to you for free
Your referral fee from the service will grow with the number of exchange transactions per month

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Broxus Stardust
Broxus Shuttle
Broxus Nova
Broxus Telegram Bot