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Trading on exchanges with maximum profit

Get access to over 140 cryptocurrencies and 12 exchanges. Manage all your accounts on exchanges.

The unified format for order execution

Usually, you have to take into account minimum order volume, the use of decimal places and step pricing at the exact exchange. In Broxus Shuttle, we have already thought about your convenience. Broxus smart order routing system prepares and formats the order data for correct order execution.

Failure resistance system

You define your order settings and routing type: sequential, best execution, split balance, or broadcast. Depending on the routing type your order will be adjusted or redistributed to another exchange or account in case of an order processing failure. This way, we can guarantee a high confidence rate of each order completion.


Exchanges are based in different parts of the world - some major exchanges are based in Europe when others are based in Asia or North America. We set up our communication hubs in major exchanges’ collocations and use direct private channels in our integration infrastructure. Such approach allows us reducing geo-related latency in Broxus Shuttle to almost zero.

How does it work?
Your customer wants to exchange BTC to USDT.
We compare rates at connected trading platforms and execute the order at the best rate.
You maximize your incomes automagically.

The best available rate on the market

Mission Control service of Broxus Shuttle is defining the best price on the market in accordance with the routing type and other order settings. Getting the best available rate on the market was never that easy, no matter how complicated your assets structure is. All that for only 0,1% of transaction amounts.

Unlimited access to Broxus Shuttle API
The fee is 0.1% of all transactions made through Broxus Shuttle API

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Broxus Stardust
Broxus Shuttle
Broxus Nova
Broxus Telegram Bot