FlatQube Review: Crypto Exchange with Some of the Highest APRs in the Industry

2022 became a real challenge for the cryptocurrency industry, with leading assets falling and massive projects and empires being destroyed. We all recall the collapse of Terra, the bankruptcy of Sam Bankman Fried’s companies, and the subsequent market chaos. 

Octus Bridge joins Solana ecosystem, rises to most popular platform of month

Cross-chain asset transfer platform Octus Bridge has added Solana to its growing list of supported networks. Powered by the Everscale network, Octus Bridge facilitates lightning-fast liquidity transfers at fractional costs, helping its popularity soar among Solana users.

Core Everscale Developers Broxus to Host Elysium Hackathon in Belgrade and Online

Broxus, the core development team behind many of the platforms that make up the Everscale network ecosystem, will be hosting its first-ever hackathon in Belgrade, Serbia from July 14-17. The hackathon is the latest development in what has been a remarkable 2022 for the Everscale network.

Winners Crowned as Everscale Hackathon Wraps up

Fresh off of winning AIBC’s network of the year honors, the Everscale network, which has set a new scalability standard in the blockchain industry by virtue of its infinite sharding technology, hosted an online hackathon that started in November. 

How This Digital Currency Will Transform The World and Benefit Cashless Societies

Despite common misconceptions, CBDCs offer unique value as vehicles for financial reform capable of improving the lives of those who need it most.

Blockchain Made Simple: Interview with Broxus Founder Sergey Shashev

While the concept of a blockchain-based economy may be incredibly appealing, according to experts, it still belongs more to the realm of fantasy than that of reality. In addition to the exorbitant transaction fees present on some networks, one also has to consider the substantial differences that exist between many of the major blockchain networks. These differences generate uncertainty and undoubtedly deter some business leaders from integrating blockchain technology into their business plans and platforms.